About Shan

My name is
Shannen, but mostly people call me Shan.

I  am a writer, an amateur photographer, travel blogger, yoga instructor, ocean enthusiast, retreat leader,
lover, wanderluster, beach bum, tree climber,
badass, vegan retreat chef, adrenaline junkie…

I love to experience it all.

I have a lust for this world that over the last few years has encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone and embrace the true unknown. Through a life of travel I believe we gain a deeper understanding of our selves and the earth around us. Imagine waking up with a new pair of eyes every morning and a heart that is full, this is what travel means to me.

By opening up our hearts to the world around us we create room within ourselves to allow more love to enter, illuminating us from the inside out. This illumination awakens something buried deep within all of us and helps us to be the best version of us that we can be.

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