The best burrito in KL

Hands down, best burrito in Kuala Lumpur is located in Ashley’s by living food.

I was recommended to this place by a friend who had traveled there a few months back and when I peeped the photos of their cuisine online, I knew I would be crazy to not try it out.

As my uber dropped me off up the road from Ashley’s I found myself entering this deja vu state of mind. I don’t know why really, I mean it is a city so there should be a wider range of shops and cuisine right? Still, oddly enough I felt like I was in America again.

Ashley’s is located in Bangsar – a new and upcoming neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur. The neighborhood was incredibly cute and diverse with it’s wide range of shops and restaurants. You could have any type of dining experience you wish here, and all for a decent price! 

After my burrito at Ashley’s I took a walk around and found myself walking past outdoor retailers, lululemon stores, micro breweries, homemade pizza parlors, boutique cafes and so much more.

If you are ever in Kuala Lumpur I highly recommend Bangsar to not only stay but also explore in.

Anyways, how did I get so off track? Wasn’t I talking about burritos?


So yes, burritos…


Ashley’s menu is absolutely fabulous!

I chose the Living Enchilada and was BLOWN away. It was the best raw vegan meal I had ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth.

Ashley’s Manifesto

“We are more than food connoisseurs. We are bigger than the stereotypes. We are pioneers, engineers, parents, children, teachers, homemakers, scientists, chefs and students. We look for a healthier future for ourselves and for generations to come. We are Ashley’s. Society has forgotten what it means to eat real food. It has forgotten what it means to eat food that has come straight from the farm. We have disconnected the farm from the fork, so that it can be hard to recognise what ends up on your plates anymore. Our mission is to inspire people everywhere to eat real food the way it was meant to be eaten. Our community is adventurous, open-minded, proactive and insightful. We know you will enjoy. We think you will benefit. We feel you should join us.”

The sauce was amazing and the sour cream was simply divine.

Needless to say, I downed that burrito within five minutes…no shame!

As I gazed over the menu I was continually impressed with the variety of choices and LOVE their manifesto on food. Ashley’s has everything for vegans and meat munchers alike!

Peep their menu below and if you are ever in KL for some reason don’t forget about this burrito!



Get the rest of Ashley’s menu here —-> Ashley’s Menu 🙂

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The best damn vegan gelato

I stumbled onto Kokolato after a few failed attempts at finding some decent vegan gelato around the town center here in Ubud, Bali.

However, I must confess that all my failed attempts only prepared me for the deliciousness that is Kokolato.

I am basically their number one customer/fan, straight up.

Located on Jalan Goutama Selatan street right next to Makan Makan warung, this designer vegan gelato will melt in your mouth and excite your tastebuds beyond control.

I might be biased but seriously, what the fuck…shit is unreal!

This little gelato shop uses only the freshest ingredients and the owners are completely against any type of preservatives.

The flavors they create are divine and ever changing.

Currently they have Strawberry, Moringa mint chip (MY FAV), Dark cacao, Jamu, and coffee!

I of course got one scoop of the mint and one scoop of the dark cacao. However, their Jamu flavor is also amazing when paired with the strawberry 🙂

(Fun fact: Irish moss is used in many raw vegan recipes as a thickening agent. It is a seaweed that is rich in sulfur, iodine, iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium, potassium and folate. Check out the articles below for more fun facts on Irish Moss!)

I am constantly impressed by the quality of their ingredients and dedication to keeping their gelato fresh. So much so that I have been known to go twice in one day (Whoops).

Their prices are very reasonable and definitely competitive with various other dairy based gelato places around town.

Side note: They also offer fresh coconuts for only 15,000 Rupiah which is 10,000 rupiah less than most places!

Friends, if you are ever in Ubud or anywhere else in Bali I am begging you to check out this cute little parlor.

You won’t regret it!

& If they aren’t open when you drop by, not to worry! Here is a link to other awesome food joints that carry the goodness

If you are already in Bali, go now!! What are you waiting for?

Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂


Irish Moss – Sea Moss – Gel Preparation And Benefits

20 Proven Irish Moss Benefits (No.11 Unbelievable)

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Kali Banana Bowl


I was inspired this morning during my yoga practice to make a smoothie bowl when I got home. I wanted something that would help detoxify but also keep me satisfied. Sometimes it can be tricky for me to find something that does both!

So I thought to myself  “Self, let’s break out the activated charcoal”.

I know…super weird right?

Not pretty right?

Ultra awesome with extreme benefits for the bod right?


This is why I call it the Kali bowl.

My teacher Acacia told us this morning of the story on how Kali came to be.

This story not only inspired my smoothie bowl but also to further my research into this dark goddess.

The goddess Kali was born from the powerful warrior goddess Durga.

She is not depicted as a beautiful and luminescent being like most goddesses, instead she is aptly named the dark goddess.

She is adorned in the skulls of her enemies around her neck and rocks a skirt composed of dismembered arms.

Kali came to be when the terrible demon Raktabija (Blood-seed) was terrorizing the earth. Raktabija was a hard demon to kill, every time someone would try to destroy him drops of his blood would hit the earth and another Raktabija clone would appear. Therefore, each time Raktabija was attacked, the only result was more demons to deal with.

Fuck, what a nasty demon!!

This cloning shit enraged the warrior goddess Durga. She became so furious that her anger channeled from her body into her third eye and out beamed the dark goddess Kali.

Given all the divine weapons of the goddess Durga, Kali swiftly sought out Raktabija, cut off his head and unfurled her long tongue. She proceeded to eat all of his body parts and drink the demons blood, ensuring that none fell to the ground so no more demons could terrorize the world.

Cool story right?

Okay, smoothie time!


3 small bananas (or one 1 big one)

coconut creme

organic soy milk (or any nut milk)

1 tbs Maca root Powder

1 tbs Activated Charcoal Powder


(Please disregard the Mega B bottle and the water. They were not used in the creation of this smoothie…but they were definitely pre smoothie ingredient thoughts)


  1. Put on your favorite fruit shirt and take a selfie

2. Peel bananas & toss lovingly into blender

3. Put all other ingredients into blender along with ice and blend

4. Pour black/grey smoothie mixture into bowl of choice

5. Pour some coconut creme on top and make cute Instagram worthy swirls with a spoon for some added pizzaz

6. TOPPINGS! You can top this with anything you would like really. I chose today to use a little bit of chia and goji berry granola for some added protein!

7. Eat your heart out 🙂

Zeee benefits of the Kali bowl!

Did you know that bananas are the easiest fruit to digest? They are also an incredible source of potassium and include high levels of magnesium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. W O W!

Maca root helps to stabilize and regulate hormones in our bodies, it is a booster for the immune system, increases sexual drive (you’re welcome) and aids in enhancing our memory and mental focus.

So how does this relate to Kali?

Well my good friends, you see just like the powerful goddess Kali destroyed all the demons by absorbing them into her body the powerful activated charcoal does something similar to the toxins in our own bodies.

Activated Charcoal performs the incredible act of detoxifying our bodies through the process of adsorption. Not to be confused with absorption, adsorption is “the adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (as of gases, solutes, or liquids) to the surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are in contact” (Merriam-Webster). Basically this means that the activated charcoal traps toxins in its tiny little pores. This process allows the toxins to be flushed out so the body doesn’t reabsorb them.

I know what you are thinking… “what the fuck?”

Yes. This shit is amazing.

Activated charcoal is also used to reduce bloating and gas, lower cholesterol, and even prevent hangovers (Again, you’re welcome).

Don’t believe me?

Check out the articles below to see what this Activated Charcoal stuff is all about!

I hope you guys enjoyed the story of Kali and even more so enjoy this weird looking but dangerously delicious smoothie!



Charcoal articles:

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Top 10 Activated Charcoal Uses & Benefits

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Magical Maca Smoothie

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a smoothie recipe so honestly today’s savasana was perfect.

Well, i’ll rephrase…it was only perfect if your goal in life is to not be an uptight perfectionist yogi who MUST empty their thoughts at the end of a yoga class.

My thoughts are consistently in full force in savasana. The practice itself might be the most incredible and spiritually enlightening practice I’ve ever gone to but my mind being the crazy shit head it is loves to clap her hands and begin a long Ted talk every time I close my eyes.

I swear it’s the weirdest feeling to have your body be completely still and heavy while the mind is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Anyways… oh yes, smoothies!

In savasana I was giving myself a talk about how to kick start my day after yoga and what I could have for breakfast that would help me have the most energy filled day.

The words “Mega Maca” floated into my mind.

Suddenly I began to imagine all the ingredients I had at home and what needed to get used sooner rather than later.

So I came up with this green goodness!

 2 handfuls fresh spinach

2 tbs creamy peanut butter (can be chunky if your real nutty)

1 tbs Maca Root powder

1/4 cup organic coconut milk yogurt

1 banana (or 3 small ones if you live in Bali lol)



Just throw it in the blender and then B L E N D !

(Peanut butter LAST. Trust me, it can be a sticky bitch to clean off the blender blades)


I like to let the blender run a bit longer so it thickens up and emulsifies. I also don’t add a lot of water since the yogurt is pretty liquid-y.

I also think I’m going to start my moon cycle soon so Maca root is perfect to help balance out the gnarly hormones, hehe.

Male or Female I hope this recipe intrigues you in some way and you are inspired to test it out in your kitchen at home!

It is so simple and quite delicious. I also felt full for a few hours and it was the perfect brekkie to help tide me over until lunch!


Ps. The Maca powder I bought is from Bali Buda Market here in Ubud. If you ever get a chance to visit Ubud I highly recommend this little mini market. Every fun health thing you could ever possibly need/want is located on one of their shelves! They also have an incredible bakery and fridge selection. This market is a health haven for both Meat and non meat eaters alike!

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Chia Puddin’

Easy Raw Vegan Chia Pudding Recipe

Cacao Magik 

Serv size: One 8oz mason jar

I am fucking obsessed with Chia pudding. I don’t know why because I don’t enjoy any drinks with chia in them but for some reason this recipe is divine to my taste buds.

Plus it’s Vegan & Gluten free, HOORAY!

So duh, I have to share!


1/3 HEAPING cup of chia seeds

(Chia should be overflowing like mad)

1/4 cup of cacao powder (can sub coco powder…but why?)

2 dashes of cinnamon

pinch of salt (I like the pink himalayan kind)

1 tsp Reishi Mushroom powder (brain food y’all!! But optional)

1 tsp Ho Sho Wu mushroom powder (beauty food & optional)

2 tbs coconut sugar (can sub 1 tbs maple syrup or 1 tbs honey)

1 can full fat organic Coconut Milk

(makes for thick and creamy goodness)


  1. Whisk all dry ingredients together in a bowl while dancing around your kitchen to your favorite pandora station (THIS IS IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP)
  2. Open coconut milk can and pour that ishh all over your dry ingredients
  3. Keep whisking and doin’ yo dancing thang until cacao concoction looks fully liquified
  4. Pour contents of bowl into another dish of desire (I use smaller round mason jars but any type of dish/cup/bowl will do)
  5. Lick bowl and fingers, duuuuh.
  6. Put magical pudding into fridge to set for at least 24 hours. However, if you simply cannot wait try to leave in fridge for minimum of 2 hours!
  7. Top your pudding!
  8. Go wild and devour your beautiful chia creation!


The beautiful thing about this recipe is that realistically you can alter it however suits you! And this includes how you top it!

My go to?

Crushed walnuts, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, fresh strawbs (strawberries)

Other ideas that you might enjoy:

pepitas (pumpkin seeds), hemp seeds, dried goji berries, granola, crushed almonds

I hope you enjoy this recipe and have fun playing around in the kitchen during the prepping process!

With love,


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Berry Basil Bliss


Good morning, or shall I say almost good afternoon!


I am having a rather slow start today, my body needed some extra rest and I slept in until 10AM!! Holy crap, this is so unusual for me! But hey everyone has these days, right? I don’t know about you but I absolutely cannot stand dragging my feet, it makes me feel unproductive and slow, not ready for the world or even the next hour. Through these morning experiences I have found that what you put into your body in the morning time is critical to your day. If you start it with a McDonald’s breakfast sandwhich you will probably crash in the next few hours feeling semi drowsy and still lagging, or like yesterday for me such a prime example actually! I didn’t get much sleep the night before and got to work early. I ended up eating some baked goods from the bakery case (all vegan of course) and had 3 shots of esspresso. That is not a winning combination by any means. You simply cannot jump start your body with sugar in the morning! I crashed around 12:30 while still at work and almost passed out! It was a sudden haze, my feet felt super sore, a cloud washed over my head trickling down my body, it was as if gravity decided to up it’s fucking game and apply all of it’s force onto me in that moment. This was a wake up call for my morning routine y’all, sub the junk and sugar for more greens and protein! I am keen on vegan treats though so this thought was very hard for me!

This morning I almost drove to my work even though I am off just for our bakers amazing creations! I had to stop myself though, opt out and get creative…which is one of my favorite things to do in the Kitchen!

In one of my many past lives I believe I was a chef in the jungles of a foreign land and created meals from my surroundings – seasonal and sustainable! I had a dream one night that helped me realise this in full effect! But before I get too ahead of myself and dive into my past lives let me share with you this awesome recipe I have created this morning! It has such a refreshing quality to it, and it is perfect for warm summer mornings here in California – or anywhere in the world!


Berry Basil Bliss

1 ½ cups of Fresh or Frozen Blueberries

½ cup of fresh or frozen Strawberries

Handful of fresh Spinach – can sub other greens if so desired

3-4 leaves of basil

Homemade Cashew milk (see recipe below)

*If you used fresh berries you will need to put about 1 cup of ice in prior to blending!*

Once all the ingredients are in the blender – blend away baby!

Why Basil?

Basil does so many great things for our bodies, it has many healing properties for us humans. It is an anti inflammatory, a great source of magnesium for our heart health, as well as copper, vitamin C, calcium, iron, folate and omega-3 fatty acids! Holy cow with all that goodness basil means business!

Why Cashew Milk?

Many reasons actually both for health and fun. Cashews are a great source of protein, and good fat! Eating cashews also help reduce your chances of gallstones. My personal reason for the cashew milk is because it is a bit sweeter which really brings a nice flavor to the smoothie – also by creating the milk at home you know what ingredients you are putting into your body and to be honest it makes me feel really cool that I can say I made my own milk! Ha-ha


To create the Cashew milk is so simple it’s crazy!! My friend Natalie gave me some tips on how to create the milk and I tweaked it just slightly, so please feel free to change any components to the milk, or sub cashews for another nut!


Magic Milk

1 cup raw cashews

4-5 cups warm water

5-6 pitted dates

1 tsp honey or agave

½  tsp of vanilla (if flavor is desired)

Blend all together to create this magic milk!



There are also many variations of this recipe you can take by subbing the homemade cashew milk for any other alternative milk like coconut, almond or hemp! There are many options in market’s as well for non dairy alternative milk if you do not want to make your own milk at home.


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did in creating it.


Now go out and enjoy your day!


Loving you always,




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