Privates Yoga Sessions:

At times when taking studio classes it is hard to find time to ask questions of instructors or get special adjustments that will help your body, I understand this can be quite frustrating! However, this is why private sessions are so beautiful! I will spend 90 minutes with you each session and together we will create goals and bring more awareness into your practice through a personalized flow or mediation that is unique to your own body.

Partner Privates:

A 75 minute practice that is unique to you and your partner. These poses/adjustment techniques will help to deepen the physical and spiritual connection between you and your partner. And they are just SO FUN!

Goddess Readings:

60 minute oracle card reading and personalized meditation technique. I will explain each card every step of the way and together we will discover ways for you to find peace within the questions and chaos of life through personalized mediation techniques that are specific to the cards you draw.

Available in person or via Skype/Facetime & Google Hangout.


Come away with me and deepen your practice by escaping your current day to day routines! Destination Yoga retreats are so amazing simply because you will be in a new and incredible environment surrounded by like minded individuals who are there to learn, play and grow just like you! I will be there to wrap you in a blanket of love and guide you through practices, workshops and lots of adventurous activities that will open your heart to so much possibility!


Email me below. Cant wait to connect with you, xo.

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